Since 2006, Emilio's of Greenport has been a family owned and operated Italian restaurant, however, the tradition began quite some time ago. Emilio has been serving fine Italian cuisine since 1956 when his father opened his first restaurant on Long Island. Authentic Italian cooking has been a passion of Emilio's family since his grandfather, a baker, came to New York City from Italy as a young man in the late 1800's. The unique style of pizza originated from an old-fashioned bread recipe created by Emilio's grandfather . As the times changed the bread making business turned into a successful pizza business run in the home of his grandfather's home where you could only enjoy Sicilian style pizza.

Emilio's father went on to continue the family tradition and opened up several restaurants anywhere from Brooklyn to Northport. As a young boy, Emilio began tossing pizza and sautéing garlic. As time went on Emilio persisted to be educated in the culinary arts from his grandfather and father while perfecting the Italian cookery that has been handed down from generation to generation. Emilio's of Greenport offers a fine ambiance to complement the exceptional Italian cuisine for family and friends to indulge and revel in. You may also enjoy authentic Italian pastries from our in house bakery.